Heating and Cooling in Greenville, South Carolina
When it comes to heating your business, it is important that you maintain a positive working environment and a comfortable space for your visitors. Unfortunately, sometimes things come up that require commercial heating repair to keep your system running its best. The one thing you want to avoid is having a sudden repair need. It’s much better to call us before things get out of hand because you’ve noticed the warning signs. Here are a few things to watch for indicating you need commercial heating repair at your business:

  • Strange Noises – Have you noticed your HVAC unit is making strange noises, or your system seems to strain when you adjust the thermostat? This a good indicator you should have a professional come out for commercial heating repair so you can avoid unexpected expensive repairs.
  • Uneven Heat – Is it freezing in one area of your building, and too hot in another? Having uneven heat can make it difficult for employees to work efficiently, and your visitors may be uncomfortable, as well. Commercial heating repair can get to the root of the problem so your system better meets your needs.
  • No Heat – This may seem obvious, but if your thermostat is set to heat but you are only getting cold air, this is a pretty good indicator that something has gone wrong. A professional should come out for commercial heating repair to get to the root of the problem.

At Air Kool Heat & Air, our experienced professionals have been assisting customers with their commercial heating repair needs for over 20 years. Please contact us today if you suspect a problem or are unable to get your heating system to run properly. We provide fast, friendly, reliable service your business can count on.