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If your heater isn’t working this October, there are a few things you can take a look at quickly on your own, but ultimately, we’re here for you at Air Kool Heat & Air!  We offer the emergency heating services you and many others like you many discover you need as soon as the weather turns cooler and you have turned off the air conditioner and turned on the heat.

Call Us for Emergency Heating Services

While you wait for our emergency heating services, try checking some of the following issues:

  • Is the gas to your furnace on, functioning correctly, and the pilot light lit on your furnace?
  • Does your furnace fan come on and when it comes on does it stay on?
  • Is a breaker tripped or a fuse blown? Replacing a fuse can be very simple and save you some time in the cold if this is the issue.
  • Does the furnace seem to be responding to the thermostat? If not, you may need emergency heating services to find out what has failed in your heating system.
  • Was the filter properly maintained or might there be debris clogging the airflow through your furnace where the air enters to be heated before being distributed throughout your home?

Apart from identifying simple solutions that might keep you from waiting to warm back up, these simple questions and others like them about the common causes of HVAC problems might be able to assist us in helping out you and others in our community a little quicker now that the rush is on for emergency heating services this winter.