Don’t Forget About Needed HVAC Maintenance

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Fall is here, and it’s almost time to switch from AC to heat. This September, don’t forget about your needed HVAC maintenance. If you didn’t have time to break from all of your summer fun in order to get an HVAC maintenance plan from us at Air Kool Heat & Air, it’s not too late since your system runs all year (HVAC includes your heater, after all).

Don’t Forget About Needed HVAC Maintenance

Since you own an HVAC system, then the first thing to know is what not to worry about. There is not winterization required since your HVAC maintenance is not going to include disconnecting and draining water lines for the cooler months if you have an AC. However, whatever HVAC maintenance schedule works for you (fall or winter or simply letting us take it away with one of our routine maintenance plans), you should still free the heat exchange coils on your AC unit from debris roughly once a year.

Besides missed HVAC maintenance, one of the most common reasons for the failure of your system as temperatures approach freezing is trying to continue using your system with dirty filters. Since your system is pulling air through it all of the time, come rain or the rarer case of snow, it is important that the elements of your system not get plugged up with debris. If you discover that your furnace needs to be cleaned before this winter season, give us a call at Air Kool Heat & Air and we’ll help get your furnace, AC coils, or any other component of your HVAC debris free and ready for winter.