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Make Home Cooling More Energy Efficient

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There are many strategies for being comfortable at home without breaking your budget. Many look at home cooling as a luxury, but others actually need home cooling to preserve good health. Whatever your situation, you will probably appreciate a few tips for keeping cool as the heat persists this August.

Make Home Cooling More Energy Efficient

  • Watch the Weather–You may find that some nights are cooler than others. If you pay attention to the weather forecast, you can take advantage of this gift from Mother Nature as the nights may start to cool off while the days remain hot. Opening windows during cooler hours can give your AC a head-start on home cooling during the daytime hours.
  • Don’t Turn Your AC Off While You’re Away–A common misconception with home cooling is that you can save money by only using your AC while you are at home. This is actually false. It is much easier on your AC system and much more efficient on your energy bill for the temperature to be adjusted a few degrees at a time rather than trying to make up a deficit in the early evening during the hottest part of the day.
  • Plug in the Programming– If you program your AC to hep you with your home cooling, you can increase the efficiency of your system while saving you from having to think too much about it. Program for typical August weather in North Carolina and adjust for the days that are a little off balance for the norms in your area.
  • Practice Proper System Maintenance August is a great time to double check the maintenance of your entire HVAC home cooling system. Talk to us at Air Kool Heat & Air about cleaning out the pollen, dust, and pet hair that may have gathered since your last duct cleaning. We can also assist with cleaning your unit’s AC coils, recommending the best filters for your home’s unit, plans for routine maintenance, and so much more.