Telltale Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Replacement | Air Kool Heat & Air

Air Conditioner Replacement in Greenville, South Carolina
Is your home hot and uncomfortable?  Are you worried that soon you may have to resort to going out to eat every night, just to make it so that you can sleep comfortably at night?  Of course, while this may solve your cooling problems, it would also probably lead to problems for your budget and health.  If you want to keep your body healthy, your money saved, and your home cool, there is another option available.  When your current air conditioner is non-functional, air conditioner replacement is the key to maintaining a cool home.

If you have an air conditioner but suspect that it could be cooling your home more effectively, we’ve got a list of signs that may signal an air conditioner replacement is needed.  If your air conditioner exhibits any of the following signs, you probably need to replace it:

  • Air conditioner is not cooling evenly
  • You notice a strange smell coming from the air conditioner
  • Warm air, rather than cool air, comes from the air conditioner vents
  • Water leaks from your air conditioner
  • You hear strange noises coming from the air conditioner
  • There are visible signs of damage or wear
  • You gasp each month when you open your high energy bills
  • Your air conditioner needs more frequent repairs

When you notice that your air conditioner is showing some or all of these signs, call on us for air conditioner replacement.  At Air Kool Heat & Air, we have over 20 years of experience in assisting our customers with their comfort levels during the heat of summer.  Let us make this your most comfortable summer yet!