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The only way to get a full life from your air conditioning system is to handle the residential air conditioning installation properly.

There are many factors involved in designing and installing the right residential air conditioner. Because of this, residential air conditioning installation for new construction in Greenville, South Carolina should always be handled by an experienced professional. At Air Kool Heat & Air we have been in the air conditioning and heating business for more than 30 years, so it is safe to say that we know what it takes to correctly match a system to a home and the family’s needs.

Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Greenville, South Carolina

With many purchases, the rule of thumb is to go with the biggest and best you can afford. That isn’t the best advice when it comes to residential air conditioning installation. The biggest system could be far too much, leaving you with high utility bills and countless problems. We are an authorized Trane dealer and American Standard dealer, with NATE-certified installers to complete the work following building codes and manufacturer recommendations and requirements.

The only way to get a full life from your air conditioning system is to properly handle the residential air conditioning installation. One mistake during the installation can result in underperformance, inefficiency, and a shortened life span. The next step to ensuring a long life and efficient operation is to keep up with maintenance. As part of our residential air conditioning installation, we will go over what maintenance should be done and tell you about our maintenance plan. We also take care to explain all facets of your new system.

Reach out today with any questions you might have about our residential air conditioning installation services, as well as ongoing services for the future.

FAQs About Air Conditioner Installation

Here at Air Kool Heat & Air, we know how important air conditioners are to people, especially those in the Greenville, South Carolina area. Due to the weather conditions here, having a functional air conditioner is a necessity in order to keep your home cool and comfortable all year long. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a new air conditioning system, here are some tips our expert technicians think you should know about the air conditioner installation process.

How do I choose the right air conditioner for my home?

If you’ve never purchased an air conditioner before, you might feel overwhelmed with all your options. There are window air conditioners to cool individual rooms, central A/C systems to cool down your whole house, and ductless mini-split systems that can be customized to suit your home’s unique needs. If you’re not sure what type of system you need, simply give us a call and ask our experts!

Can I install an air conditioner myself?
Some people are comfortable with installing window A/C units themselves, but if you’ve never done this before, we recommend leaving this process to those with experience. One wrong move could result in serious injury or significant damage to the unit. However, if you want to install a central air conditioning system, you’ll need to get help from the experts.
How should I prepare for an air conditioner installation service?
You can make a big difference by cleaning out your ducts beforehand and simply decluttering the space where the installation will occur. This will give the contractors room to work without tripping over your kids’ toys or other objects.

At Air Kool Heat & Air, we offer high-quality residential air conditioning installation services in Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Gray, Court, Greer, Clinton, Laurens, Fountain Inn, Taylors, Easley, and Powdersville, South Carolina.