Learn the Importance of Annual Cooling System Maintenance in Your Home | Air Kool Heat & Air

Most people only run their air conditioning systems for a few months each year. Because of this, the air conditioning unit can fall into disrepair throughout the rest of the year. The best way to make sure that your air conditioning system is ready for the hottest days of summer is by having a routine cooling system maintenance done on it.


Here at Air Kool Heating and Air, we handle cooling system maintenance for many homes in the Greenville, South Carolina area. Here is what we do for routine air cooling system maintenance:

  • Check out your AC system and make sure that nothing is broken.
  • Top off the Freon levels in your AC system
  • Change out the filter.
  • Check the thermostat settings and set it to the optimal level for your home cooling. This will provide you with maximum efficiency while cooling your home.

Over the years of providing cooling system maintenance, we rarely receive calls for repairs from the families who chose to have annual maintenance done on their AC unit. The majority of our emergency AC repair calls instead come from those who chose not to have annual cooling system maintenance performed.

By taking a proactive attitude towards your home’s cooling system maintenance and repair, you can save hundreds of dollars by avoiding these emergency situations. Call today and ask about our annual cooling system maintenance. In the long run, we know you will not regret your decision.