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Here at Air Kool Heat & Air, we know from experience that there are few household emergencies more unpleasant to experience than a breakdown in your heating or cooling system. If your home uses a heat pump, you are doubly at risk to experience this first-hand, as this component performs both functions. If you have experienced problems with your heat pump, it can be difficult to draw the line between needing simple repairs and needing a full heat pump replacement—luckily, you have us at Air Kool Heat & Air to help you figure it out.  The following signs could indicate that it’s time to get your heat pump replaced:

Heat Pump Replacement in Fountain Inn, South Carolina

  • Higher Bills- One sign that it might be time for a heat pump replacement is your energy bills becoming higher and higher. As your equipment ages, it gradually loses efficiency and has to use more energy to achieve the same results—extra work which will show up in your utility bills. If you notice that your bills are higher than they were, we recommend you consult with a professional to find out if it’s time for a new heat pump.
  • Strange Noises- Another sign that you might need a heat pump replacement is strange noises coming from your system. If you hear grinding, screeching, whining, or other unusual sounds from your heat pump, call a professional as soon as possible to come have a look.
  • Frequent Repairs- Finally, if you have already had multiple repairs to your heat pump but your system still isn’t operating as it should, it’s likely that you need a heat pump replacement.

If you think you need a heat pump replacement for your Fountain Inn, South Carolina home, call our team at Air Kool Heat & Air to find out for sure.

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